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How to use CopyTrade

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CopyTrade is the system that help us trade stock, Forex or other investment mimicking the movement of any selected investor automatically. So it is like having a professional investor to make money for you , when a person you have Copy buy and sell stock and making profit you get profit too. Whether where you are, you can have profit coming into your pocket. The downside is, If that person loss some on trading, you will loss some too. So you should be careful in choosing who you should Copy and estimate the risk and return before investing. Here is how to CopyTrade

1. If you're in a Webtrader page click on 'Openbook' on the bar upward

2. Click 'People'

3. There you see lists of Active Traders from around the world as shown in the picture, with a number of Investors that Copy and showing profit made by that person. Here we can see those people's profile and choose who we would Copy

In the left there also have a fuction to help you find Trader from around the world that have a quality you want like

Most Coppied Trader in Thailand Trader who have been the most coppied (Just from Thailand)

Most Coppied Trader Trader who have been the most coppied from around the world

Manual Trader Trader who have Trading with manual skill

Frequent Trader Trader who have high trading frequency

High Win Ratio Trader who have high rate of winning recently

Low Leverage Gain 10-60% Trader who trade using low leverage but gain up to 10-60%

Normally, Trader who recently have great performance will be placed up the top So it will be easy for Investors who want to do CopyTrade to get profit quicker

4. When you see Traders who you interested in, Click on that person's face. You'll see his or her profile .

If you click Stats You'll be shown trading history of that person
If you click Portforlio You'll see what stock that person buy and the Order that person made

When you have get information for decision, click Copy for start Copy that person

5. Put the amount of money you invest in that Copy (You can maximally use 20% of total money you have in your account per 1 person)
You can Copy 5 person at the same time.

If you have no money in your account Click here

If you want to test trading using simulator(require no real money, you can trade as much as you can)Click Using Virtual Money

When you finished click Copy Trader

Then the person you just Copy will be shown in your investing profile and will be starting to trade for you automatically

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