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Warn before start stock trading and investing


All investments come with the risk. Investers must study properly before any investment.




Today, almost everyone want to be as Rich as Investor!!


Being a successful investor is a world-wide trend, All around the world there are many people get rich and freedom by investing

Many people want to be an investor, But don't have too much skill, scared of cannot get profit. Some have tried and not successful as that professional, some do not even have time to Studying and Trading.

Today we have a way to help you earn like that Pro. even you don't have time and skill!! Like having a Professional Trader to trade and make money for you 24 hr. with the great system, 'CopyTrade'

Great Broker, Etoro, trusted worldwide

Great broker winning award best platform and trustworthly     Etoro is the worldwide stock, commodity and forex broker that trusted globally. Guaranteed with awarding Best Active Trading Platform, ease to open account, suitable for both beginners and professional. Enhanced with the Great system, Copy Trader to help you make profit like a Pro!!, You can copy any professional trader from all around the world. The system will automatically emulate trading activity of that Pro Trader So it just like having a Professional Trader to trade for you You could get profit without stressing yourself anytime whether where you go, even while you sleep!!


How to open Trading account for free, Step-by-step

1. Go to a website Here then click 'connect with facebook' or sign up with your email address

Register account for trade with other people's time for free

  • Username : put in a username here

  • Password : password for login

  • Email : put in your email here


2. After you complete a process of basic information, you'll be sent in a page like this. Click 'complete profile'

Start trading stock and set your profile for profit


3. Proceed and set a profile as you wish

Get in profile for trading stock and forex and get rich


5. In a moment, you'll see a site for Passport Uploading or shopping bills for validation, if you want to do it later just click (x) for skip

upload document for make money with stock and forex trading

Now you're finished with your profile, you can deposit to start trading stock, or get a trial account now

How to do financial transanction

How to trade stock on website

How to use Copy Trader


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